About Power of Parenting

What We Do

Power of Parenting promotes confidence and supports "Life as it should be" for Looked After Children.

There is a desperate need for more foster families to support looked after children who need new homes, both temporarily and in some cases more permanently.

You will not believe the change in some of these children from being frightened with no confidence or self-esteem when they are suddenly shown some consistent kindness and support. This is the "Power of Parenting" when it is done for the benefit of the children and with their best interests at heart.

Power of Parenting believes in equal opportunity for all children and recognises the invaluable work foster families do to enable children to have a normal life filled with warmth and kindness created in a loving safe environment.

This charity was established to try and help break the cycle of neglect and potentially in some cases, crime, that so many young children in care find themselves heading towards without the support of local authorities and foster families.

The Charity wants to help provide financial and moral support to Looked After Children/ children who have been adopted, to fulfil their academic/sporting achievements in further education, including the fulfilment of any academic/sporting ambition, giving them greater opportunity to achieve their own personal goals in later life. This support takes into account the very difficult start in life that some of these young people have had in care and comes in the form of a bursary.

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